Angst Without Pants.


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Toast is crunchy and then you choke.

Humanity is so pathetic

And i’m so tiny

That I might as well be

A molecule of condiment

On the sandwich of a giant

Taking a lifetime to be devoured

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To the Unnamed Buddhist Nun Who Burned Herself to Death on the Night of June 3, 1966

Outside your temple wall. Stone or wood, I can’t

quite see the detail; under this last full moon

which I did see. Moon of this June, unearthly light

heavy with potency, the air filled with the smells

and buzzing of springtime

you with your shaved head and can

of kerosene. Under what driving form

of ecstasy? I pray to taste it once

your soaked robe chilly in the spring night wind

"Oh nun, is it hot there?"

"Only a stupid person such as yourself woulod ask such a question."

-Diane Di Prima

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Sober Burger: Needs Some Beef

There is a lot of connective tissue in this joint

And I am thankful for it

Because I enjoy movement of latiral nature

And knee-caps

If I smoke my joints

Will my ligaments turn to glue?

Sometimes Bees Get Murdered

Holy grey junkie monkey

Hanging on my heart

You’re so funky

Gimme your love

Keep it low key

One day even you will forget me

Babies Will Turn Orange

If you feed them carrots.

Kids, don’t listen to your mother.

We dance in fire

Rust grows on the passion

We’ve carved into each others backs

We swim in stars

With the addition of chracters

I’ve met in your eyes

Maybe one day

Your lazy ass will make our bed of sunshine.

vintage-vagrant-deactivated2012 said: *poke* I just poked you hehehe

Oh my, this means war!


Salvador Dali - Burning Giraffes and Telephones - 1957


Salvador Dali - Burning Giraffes and Telephones - 1957

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A writer is naked without his muse.

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